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Portrait and wedding Photographer INGA FREITAs
inga freitas

Olá I’m Inga, a portrait photographer and storyteller who fuses femininity with cinematography and fashion! I’m blessed to live
in heart of Porto, a city that’s rich with vivid colours, stone textures and unique characters. Just being able to call Porto my
home has helped me realise and embrace my lifelong dream of telling stories with my camera, whilst appreciating the character and beauty that surrounds us.

Ever since I was a young girl flicking through Vogue Magazine on a relaxed Sunday afternoon, or visiting beautiful boutiques with my mother in London and Brighton, I found myself drawn to people who celebrate women.

Every woman is worthy of a magazine or vanity fair styled portrait, but of course it’s not just about the photographs once the work is complete, I offer my clients an experience like no other, ensuring they feel comfortable, sophisticated and proud of their beauty.

My love for physiognomy, fashion and the arts has certainly shaped my photography philosophy. So whether I’m photographing lifetime portraits, boudoir, weddingselopements or editorial content for brands, my goal is to produce art that is honest, expressive and utterly timeless.

I share my life with this handsome man, my best friend, Michael 

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